Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome to 2016!

Hi Dear, I wanna tell you something..

In 2015, I hve big and special moments in my life.
- Second year with him, April 11.
- I had graduated from IPB (Mini Thesist Test (sidang skripsi) May 12, and Graduation on September 9.
- My first job, as a content writer of Clozette Indonesia. First day on July 27.

God bless you all! Love you!

There're three big things of the year. But i hve many bad moments too. Faced it and forget it. Because i'll create my new own life start from this day. I have so much dreams that i want reach.
- i wanna be a makeup artist
- i wanna study about fashion design
- i wanna be a great writer.
- i hope clozette will be bigger than before and everyone knows about clozette. so, i dont need to tell all the people who dont know it.
- i wanna keep in touch with my old friends.
- and,,,, many more. haha

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I dont know how to get all of it. Just keep going and keep trying hard. So, we'll see what i'll be. See you again!

Best Regards,

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