A Quality Date


If you still a student and collegers. Bless you! You don't feel how's difficult to get your own time. Your boy/girl and your friends exactly difficult to meet. Family? I still meet them everyday, in the house.

It's time. I got a dating with my boyfriend. We're going to Grand Indonesia Mall because i should canceled to going to Bogor. Even he lives in Bogor. Ok! It's no prob. We went to GI by train. We arrived at Sudirman station and were continuing our journey by walking. GI looks so close, but actually it's far enough.

Arrived at GI. FYI, I didn't wear this shirt. First, i wore my denim shirt but suddenly he gave me this zebra skin shirt by @wellborncompany. Thankyou for this little bit surprise. This shirt is so cute and fit in me.

Amaris Orwin Yahya. He can be my friend, brother, partner, and my personal photographer. He always do anything to make me happy. Hey! When we're singing at karaoke, he didn't complain when i took michrophone to sing JKT48's song. He just stared with a weird face. LOL. I knew i'm so weird too. 

Ahh.. ya. He often say that i'm pretty, beuatiful or anything. Just, 'I am funny'. He always laugh too loud when i'm doing something ignorance. Careless. Stupidity. Foolish. I can't be a real lady with him.

The end of the day. We should go home. By the way, i forgot to tell you about my burgundy skirt. I made it by myself. My first skirt, the fabric is wool peach/ wolvis (seller told me it 'wolpis' >.<). My bag is blag totebag from L'oreal. Last, my vintage heels with snake pattern bought from @nsbwz_lab,

Thankyou for reading guys.

Best Regards,


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  2. It's great that you are telling us about these things.


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