Hello Yellow!

Yellow couldn't describe me enough. But, I should wear it for Clozette's Blogger Babes Gathering. It was be held at CLEA Kemang, Desember 12, 11.00am.

Which the flower do I like? Actually, rose is meaningful for me. My first flower is a red rose. That was being my gift on my birthday. From? Amaris, of course. :) He always treat me like princess.

Another flower? A bucket of pink pastel roses. He gave it to me after i finished my final test. Read: SIDANG SKRIPSI. That was being a sweetest gift that i ever had. You know, when i was child my fav color is blue. But, he changed me to be feminine, beautiful, and like the only a pretty girl in this world. So, I'm so in love with pink color, now!

Flower has not a long life. It just a symbol of love. And i know i never know how long have our love been? No one knows. But, we always try to keep this. It never been easy. Like another couple, we often get a small storm (?), we fight, we mad, or any disgusting thing.

To be with you? I need long time and hard trying. Funny right? When another people doesn't like you because of your attitude. I try to change you. Lazy to diligent, low IPK to high IPK (you got it!), suka taruhan bola >> hemat! (i'm a winner), naughty to be a good guy. 
So, you got the result ya? Mrs. Yatri choose you to be a Duta Promosi IPB, coordinator of lecture assistant, and a chief of OPEN HOUSE IPB. You were being a basketball coach, too. You owe to me, Dear! LOL.

There're still much story between you and I. Even we can't going back to the old time, remembering  that moment with you will be fun. Psst.. I love you to the moon and back!

My outfit:
- Special made by my bestfriend.
- Shoes? Absolutely my fav NIKE
- Wait! My eyebrow (Lancome)

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