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Your Fashion Social Network.....

Today, I wanna sharing about Clozette Indonesia. Have you heard about that?
Some people often think that Clozette Indonesia are:
1. online magz
2. online news

That's wrong! Do you know about "Fashion Social Network". If you don't understand about it, just click

Done?! Are you still confusing?

What the different between ClozetteID and another onlinemagz?
Clozette isn't about magazine or news, it's about social network that concern with fashion, beauty, hijab, and tutorials. You can be a Clozetters with just one click "Sign Up". You can sharing with other members (red: Clozetters), give your comment, love, and anything about OOTD, makeup, beauty product, and hijab. That's It!

Why do I think that ClozetteID is so special?
1. ClozetteID has weekly contest, we named it #COTW (Clozetter of the week)
2. ClozetteID has monthly gathering, it called Clozetters Meet Up
3. ClozetteID has Clozette Ambassador, Clozette Stars
*you can be an Ambassador if you have a great blog and have many followers on your socmed asset!
4. You can meet another member, Ambassador and Stars, especially ClozetteCrew in the gathering. (If you want to know us :p)
and..... many more!

By the way, Clozette is already launch mobile apps. Let's download Clozette mobile on your Android or ios. It's FREE! You'll get The Body Shop voucher too.

So, do you understand about Clozette Indonesia? Just visit and find out more..

See you guys!

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